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Ugliest Airplane

Beauty is a personal thing. But somethings are so... ummm.... Utterly Ugly that no one could argue about the issue. Of course, we expect that many of you will argue anyways!

After a few photos have been collected, we'll start a voting process, as well as "feature" the worst of the worst. Now, some of you drive Luscombes, and some of you drive Tri Pacers; the webmaster has owned both and knows that this section of the site is a rumble in the making.

Soooo.... Let's rumble!

Description Posted By Date Posted  
A project in work ... needs to fly through a paint storm! Nick Jilek 3/3/2004 View
I first saw this aircraft in 1960 in a Flying Magazine and thought it to be the most ugly of aircraft I had ever seen. Joel Wheeler 12/27/2003 View
What happens when airplanes are designed by committees (No, really, a Canadian government committee laid down the specs for this turkey). Not only does it looking like a flying streetcar, but this 1930s Canadian Vickers Velos is on record as being the worst aircraft ever built in Canada - a complete dog. The test pilots flew it only under protest, and it was known as "The Dead Loss" around the factory. Mark Perry 10/13/2003 View
Paint Me Please!!! Kenneth W. Keeton 9/13/2003 View
Yak 18T Jim 7/22/2003 View
The Fairey Gannet is so full of features, it is considered by many the ugliest airplane. Tandem counter-rotating turbo props, folding wings (TWO folds per wing!), radome, bubble cockpit, antennae galore, extra fins and stabilizers, you name it, it hangs on this multi-purpose British military aircraft. Tom Hammer 5/31/2003 View
After a a successful take off they were on thier way home. Note the gear tensioner sticks are still in place--reminds me of fence building Bill Austin 3/11/2003 View
And take off Bill Austin 3/11/2003 View
And we do a run up! Bill Austin 3/11/2003 View
Next comes the prop. Bill Austin 3/11/2003 View

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