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Stinson Aircraft Photos

These Stinson pictures are a community effort that depends on contributions uploaded by enthusiasts such as yourself. Photos are listed from newest to oldest. See the bottom of this page for a link that will allow you to upload your own Stinson photos.


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Coming back for landing, Royal Navy 605 is a docile bird as long as the winds are mild. The lack of a locking tail-wheel means that crosswind landings are attention-getting. Notice the flaps, fully-deployed. Their operated by an odd vacuum system driven off the engine manifold. If you need to go around, and move the throttle to full power, the vacuum dissipates and the flaps retract -- just when you need that extra lift the most. Mike Jones 10/6/2012 22,928 View View
Royal Navy 605 carries N-number N60634. Now that we're back in the air, we hope to be bringing her to air shows across the southeast USA. Nothing happens real fast in this plane, so a trip even to Florida becomes an expedition. As one of our old pilot's said, "She's real slow, but she makes up for that by being really uncomfortable." Mike Jones 10/6/2012 15,023 View View
Finally, a take-off! It's been years since Royal Navy 605 had been in the air, and between pilot health issues and equipment issues, it's been a struggle to get the air beneath her wings again. But we finally did it, and both test pilots Bob Wall and John Fuentes agreed she flew beautifully. Mike Jones 10/6/2012 29,842 View View
Royal Navy 605 taxies to the end of runway 5 in preparation for its first test flight in about three years in May 2012. The plane has a 300-hp Lycoming 680 radial engine, but is so aerodynamically "draggy" that max speed is only about 125 mph. Interestingly, the plane has enough fuel for four hours of flight, but only enough oil in the crankcase for three! Mike Jones 10/6/2012 32,954 View View
The panel on Royal Navy 605 is approximately 80-90% original equipment. The compass, attitude indicator, engine instruments and altimeter are all proper vintage. The modern radio and transponder infringes on the classic look, but makes the plane much safer to fly. Mike Jones 10/6/2012 39,117 View View
Before take-off, Royal Navy 605 got a thorough run-up by our chief mechanic Merle Bingham and our test pilot, airline captain John Fuentes. In the background is the historic "Knollwood Hangar" where Amelia Earhart kept her Lockheed when she flew into Pinehurst, NC. Mike Jones 10/6/2012 52,757 View View
"Royal Navy 605" is a Stinson AT-19 built in 1943 for the war effort. It served in the UK and in India, and somehow made it all the way back to the US after the war. Now being restored by the Carolinas Wing of the CAF, here are a few photos of a recent test flight -- the first in about three years. Notice the belching smoke from the radial engine, and the stain on the tarmac from oil already sprayed from the exhaust. Mike Jones 10/6/2012 30,658 View View
1946 Stinson model #108 - model 64A franklin air cooled engine (USA registration)Red & White Newbon Guidry 7/10/2012 6,749 View View
G-AFYO 1939 Stinson 105 (HW75) pictured a our strip In East Sussex England.2009 Mike Lodge 2/23/2010 83,221 View View
HW-75 - Dec. 1939 - OY-EFP - The only airworthy Stinson in Denmark. Experimental due to a Continental C-90 (no STC). Orla H. Gravesen 4/16/2009 3,000,621 View View

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