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Aircraft Photo Gallery: All Types By Date

This page shows all aircraft photos, sorted in descending order by date. You can not post photos from this page (choose a specific interest area out of the Type Aircraft section first, then post).

Description Category Posted By Date Posted Size (Bytes) With Text Photo Only
71170 on ice. LUSCOMBE John J. Keltgen 2/14/2006 770,203 View View
71170 on ice. LUSCOMBE John J. Keltgen 2/14/2006 762,174 View View
Happy Owner smiles at his beautiful and freshly rebuilt Aeronca 7AC/EC conversion. I also have a website with many more photos of this plane. https://home.comcast.net/~ddugas11/champ/champ.htm AERONCA Don Dugas 2/11/2006 517,522 View View
Those are some BIG rivets!! LUSCOMBE Paul Hancheck 2/9/2006 520,663 View View
My Winter Project: The right gear is off, and I'm ready to start drillin'. I did add a leg comming out of the rear landing gear bolt straight down to the jig, in case she wants to sag on me. LUSCOMBE Paul Hancheck 2/9/2006 636,888 View View
My Winter Project: Fusalage is mounted in my jig, and ready to knock out the wheel blocks. LUSCOMBE Paul Hancheck 2/9/2006 492,800 View View
Panel on Ex N1318B now G-YRIL LUSCOMBE Cyril Potter 2/8/2006 68,407 View View
8A 71687's panel as upgraded w/intercom and headset jacks (powered by small 12v gelcell), ROC instead of Cyl Head Temp, ELT relocated in glove box, Icom handheld (battery supplemented by same 12v gelcell) Magellan GPS. We're ready to travel! LUSCOMBE Robert Blewitt 2/7/2006 637,918 View View
If we're into panels? Here's my 8A 71687's panel as aquired in August 04. Note Cyl. Head temp gauge? Misc. switches, red switched ELT on left panel. LUSCOMBE Robert Blewitt 2/7/2006 534,440 View View
The panel of my 8A LUSCOMBE Kevin Bachand 2/7/2006 632,529 View View

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